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Welcome to the Canadian Expanse, a rich and immersive world where imagination knows no bounds. As you embark on your journey through this expansive universe, we invite you to use this handy guide as your companion, unlocking the hidden wonders and untold stories that await you. Delve into the depths of our meticulously crafted Sectors, traverse star systems teeming with life, and venture into the uncharted territories of distant planets.

The Canadian Expanse is not merely a project; it is a collaborative endeavor where worldbuilding and writing converge, inviting you to become an integral part of our collective storytelling odyssey. So, grab your pen, unleash your creativity, and join us in shaping the tapestry of the Canadian Expanse like never before. The possibilities are as vast as the cosmos itself, and together, we shall forge a legacy that will captivate generations to come.

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  • LAPT 01 Gulliver Class Low Altitude Passenger Transport

    LAPT 01 Gulliver Class Low Altitude Passenger Transport
    The LAPT 01 Gulliver Class Low Altitude Passenger Transport represents a pioneering advancement in urban transportation, providing swift and efficient passenger transport solutions across the Canadian Expanse. This state-of-the-art vehicle is manufactured by the esteemed Canadian Planetary Transport Company, a ...
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  • The Granville Undress

    The Granville Undress
    The Granville Undress is a premier “gentleman’s club” located on Vancouver Prime in the Vancouver System. The club boasts a variety of robotic and holographic female performers who are programmed to entertain and delight customers. Although the dancers are rarely ...
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