Hubble’s colourful view of the Universe

About the Project

The project began as something to occupy me during the Covid 19 lockdowns. I started world building, modeling and animating a tongue and cheek animated sci-fi series, which you can still see my early drafts on one of my YouTube channels. 

I had mulled the idea of using a game engine to set up a virtual set and chose Coppercube because it’s fairly easy to pick up. I was doing all my modeling in Anim8or and avoided Blender for the longest time. I still use Anim8or for the majority of my modelling. Alas, Blender became a necessary evil.

I thought I was good to go, converted my an8 files to obj and uploaded it to Mixamo for animations. It looked fine in Mixamo, but when I popped it into Coppercube, there were some really bad mesh issues. I was frustrated to say the least.

So I decided to play it safe and generate a few generic characters with Makehuman. I did a few touch ups on the textures in Blender and uploaded it to Mixamo. It worked. I plopped the animations into Blender and I had a real working model.

It’s probably something to do with seams and whatnot. Makehuman is a great tool, but sometimes the available outfits aren’t what you’re looking for. So my next course of business is to find an easy to follow, preferably text based tutorial on the Makehuman Makeclothes Blender addon.

I am hoping to document the construction of the game, tips and tricks I learned along the way and the extreme frustration when something doesn’t go as planned.