Canadian Wheels


Canadian Wheels is a retail and manufacturing company that specializes in a variety of products, including household items, work-related items, ship amenities, and ship repair and supplies.


The company was founded in 2122 in the Ontario Sector, and by 2134, the first Canadian Wheels associate store was opened.

Over the years, Canadian Wheels has experienced significant growth, with the number of associate stores growing to 110,000 by 2145.

In 2146, the company introduced an employee stock purchasing program to encourage loyalty and prevent the formation of workers’ unions.

In 2158, Canadian Wheels achieved record revenue with a deal made with Canadian Inter-System Hydro, the largest producer of fuel. The deal, worth an estimated 3 trillion loonies, allowed Canadian Wheels to establish filling stations and maintenance shops on all layby stations, solidifying its position as a leading provider of ship amenities and supplies.

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