Character Submission Packet


Step into the rich realm of character development within the Canadian Expanse. The Character Submission Packet is your portal to immersive storytelling. While primarily tailored for the “Creative Challenge,” the world you shape extends far beyond. Characters are more than ink and paper; they breathe life into our universe through their interactions, journal entries, and even news articles. Dive into the immersive experience of character development, where your creativity knows no bounds.

Packet Components

Character Profile: Your character’s profile is the cornerstone of their existence. Utilize the Character Creation Template to build a comprehensive and engaging character profile.

Supporting Documents: Dive deep into your character’s world through their eyes. Develop at least three journal entries, sharing their unique perspective. Continuously update these entries throughout the designated timeline, allowing your character to evolve organically.

Additional Content: The tapestry of the Canadian Expanse is woven with diverse media. Enhance your character’s narrative with videos, images, 3D models, and other relevant content. Refer to the media types we accept for guidance.

Interactive Characters (Optional): For the intrepid explorers of storytelling, consider transforming your character into an interactive persona for the “Game Project.” Delve into the requirements and embark on this ambitious journey.

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