Company Submission Packet


Welcome to the intricate world of the Canadian Expanse, where every corporate entity, character, and product is a brushstroke in our ever-evolving universe. Whether you’re creating a new corporation, detailing a character’s life story, or showcasing a groundbreaking product, this company submission packet is your gateway to shaping the project’s landscape. Discover the creative freedom in adding supporting documents like news articles, historic moments, art, videos, and original music. Together, we compose the symphony of the Canadian Expanse.

Packet Components

Company Article: Enrich our universe by introducing a new company. A company profile is your starting point. Refer to our company template for guidance.

Character Biography Article: Characters of significance, such as CEOs or other pivotal roles, deserve a profile. Feel free to create a basic profile now and expand on it over time.

Product(s) Article: Every product offered by a company should have its own profile. This not only fosters depth but also offers opportunities for expansion.

Additional Resources: Don’t hesitate to augment your submissions with supporting documents. These can include news articles, historic moments for the company, artwork, video, original music, and more. The more you contribute, the richer our universe becomes.

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