Navigating the Cosmic ADHD: Embracing the Creative Chaos


Living with ADHD is like embarking on a perpetual journey through a multidimensional thought universe. For those unfamiliar, the daily grind can make us seem absent-minded or incapable of focus. The “Normals,” as I affectionately term those untouched by ADHD, might simplify our struggles with casual phrases like “just get over it” or “try harder.” The reality is far more intricate.

According to an old therapist of mine, ADHD isn’t a flaw but a lingering gift from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. He painted a picture of linear thinkers navigating predefined paths, their lives structured around habits influenced by the mundane. In contrast, ADHD minds traverse four dimensions, exploring endless branches of possibilities—what he termed quantum or abstract thinking. It’s not a disorder; it’s a unique perspective, a gift of sorts.

This project was born from that concept. Writing becomes an intricate dance of ideas as tangents lead to character creation, inventing place names, or concocting languages. Distractions become discoveries—like the time I inadvertently crafted a 3000-word conlang while creating a few made-up words. Amidst these distractions, I found inspiration, jotting down ideas, short stories, and more.

In this shared universe, we encourage embracing the side thoughts. A fleeting notion might later become a crucial plot point or a key element in the overarching narrative. This project welcomes the ebb and flow, the interaction with fellow creators, and the meandering journey toward focus.

The structure mirrors the ADHD mind. I dabble not only in writing but also in crafting 3D assets, learning the intricacies of the Coppercube game engine, composing occasional music, and tinkering with Celestia. It’s a holistic approach—when writer’s block looms, visualizing a scene in the Canadian Expanse through a different medium helps tell the intended story, even if it means navigating branching but related subjects.

Entries like characters, products, and locations are interconnected, a vast web of creativity. You can cross-reference materials from various contributors, fostering a collaborative tapestry.

This isn’t about creating hierarchies; it’s about embracing the diverse mindscape. Whether my therapist’s evolutionary musings were pure insight or conjecture, they molded the essence of this project—a celebration of the cosmic ADHD mind and the labyrinthine beauty it weaves.

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