Planet Creation Template


Step into the role of a celestial architect in the Canadian Expanse, where planets are mini-worlds awaiting your creative touch. It’s important to note that the populated planets in our universe are smaller than Earth, functioning more like individual cities than nations. With this template, you can give life to planets within star systems. Define their atmosphere, flora, fauna, terrain, and history. Share in the diversity of our cosmos and contribute to a rich and interconnected universe.

General Information

– Official Planet Name:
– Unofficial Name:
– Star System:
– Sector:
– Planet Type: [Reference planetary types] – Atmosphere:
– Atmosphere Composition:
– Radius:
– Date Founded (if colonized by humans and not by an indigenous species).

Ecological Details

– Flora: [If creating a species of plant, add a record. Earth-origin plants do not require this] .
– Fauna: [If creating a species of animal, add a record. Earth-origin animals do not require this] .

Geographical Information

– Terrain: [N/A for gas giants] .
– Number of Moons: [Add a record with moon details, or just provide names and orders unless a moon has significant features. Include orbital data for the Celestia Mapping Project] .

Historical Account

– Planet History: [Chronicle the planet’s journey through time] .

Celestia Mapping Project

Here’s an example code to assist in positioning your planet within Celestia:

Ssc file:
“Name” “Star/Planet/Moon”
Class “type”
Mesh “filename”
Texture “filename”
Emissive true
NightTexture “filename”
BumpMap “filename”
BumpHeight 2.5
Color [R G B] SpecularTexture “filename”
SpecularColor [R G B] SpecularPower 25.0
HazeColor [R G B] HazeDensity 0.8
Radius 6378
Oblateness 0.003
Beginning 2446482.0
Ending 2451989.77083
InfoURL “”
Height 70
Lower [R G B] Upper [R G B] Sky [R G B] CloudHeight 40
CloudSpeed 50
CloudMap “filename”
Period 0.6152
SemiMajorAxis 0.7233
Eccentricity 0.0068
Inclination 3.3947
AscendingNode 76.681
LongOfPericenter 131.533
MeanAnomaly 181.979
Epoch 2452028.18381755
RotationPeriod 23.9344694
Obliquity 3.3947
LongOfRotationAxis 76.681
RotationOffset 280.5
PrecessionRate 48.98
Orientation [180 1 0 0] EquatorAscendingNode 325
Albedo 0.10
Inner 74658
Outer 140000
Texture “filename”
Color [R G B] }

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