SRF Goose Class BDM-9191980


The SRF Goose Class BDM-9191980 is a short range fighter primarily used for combat. It was introduced in 2267 and manufactured by WestRocket. The top cruising speed of the fighter is 8 GMH, while the top thruster speed is 18 GMH for short bursts. The fighter is equipped with 2× WR Chinook Class Mark III engines and a 1 WR Branta Class 2 Gigawatt Station generator.

In terms of shielding and countermeasures, the SRF Goose Class BDM-9191980 is equipped with a CA Bukwus Class Mark X Variable Camouflage Emitter, a CA Nakahaskwan Class Mark X Variable Plasma Shield, and a CA Menikan Class 18 cm Self Healing Nanite Titanium-Carbon Fiber Mesh. These measures provide the fighter with optimal protection during combat.

The SRF Goose Class BDM-9191980 is also armed with 4x CA Matlose Class Rapid Fire Cannons, making it a formidable opponent in combat situations. Overall, the fighter’s advanced technology and weaponry make it a valuable asset in any combat situation.

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