Star System Creation Template


Step into the vast cosmos of the Canadian Expanse by delving into our Star System template. Here, we provide you with a structured format to craft detailed star systems, complete with celestial bodies and cosmic wonders. Each star system is a unique piece of the ever-expanding universe, and this template equips you with the essential information to make them come alive.

From the star’s characteristics to the number of planets and their individual profiles, we guide you through the process. Explore the heavens, connect with neighboring star systems, and chart the history of each sector. Additionally, for those seeking to bring our universe into the realms of Celestia, we’ve got you covered with precise celestial positioning details.

General Information

Star System Name:
Closest Neighboring Star System(s):
Number of Planets:
List Planet Names (official names and unofficial names if applicable):

The year the System was founded:

Description of the star system (including any phenomena, like asteroid belts or notable comets).

For Celestia Mapping Project:
Name of Star/Star System:
Right Ascension:
Distance (default values will be provided):
Spectral Type:

Note: Positioning the Star System in Celestia is a challenging task, and it qualifies as an expert-level contribution. Additional Loonies will be awarded for this task due to its difficulty. Please follow the Celestia guide carefully for precise positioning.

It is important to note that the more information and details you provide only help to make the project more immersive.

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