The Granville Undress


The Granville Undress is a premier “gentleman’s club” located on Vancouver Prime in the Vancouver System. The club boasts a variety of robotic and holographic female performers who are programmed to entertain and delight customers. Although the dancers are rarely nude, customers can opt for the full virtual experience in one of the club’s many private booths.

In addition to its impressive entertainment offerings, the Granville Undress is also proud to serve Drenched Beaver Brewing Company and Hamlet Brewing Company beers on tap. The club also features some of the best gourmet food you’ll find on the planet, making it the perfect destination for those looking for exceptional food and drink.

It’s important to note that the Granville Undress has a strict age requirement of 18 years and older. Proper attire is also required, so be sure to dress appropriately. And as always, please drink responsibly while enjoying all that the Granville Undress has to offer.

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